Telegraph Data Leak Exposes 10 TB of Sensitive Subscriber Data

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[Cloud Security Podcast] Data Stores and Security are Two Silos in the Cloud

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Cloud data protection isn't working for most companies. Here's how to fix it.

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[SANS Webinar] What’s the Riskiest Place on Earth? Your cloud data stores.

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Database Security: The Fundamentals and the Future of Database Security in the Cloud

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Dasera Wins Data Security Innovation of the Year in 2021 Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards

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Watch Your Steps – 61 Million Records Exposed Including Geo Locations of Apple and FitBit Users

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Healthcare Apps Subject to Data Breach Notification Rule After FTC Policy Change

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When Travel Goes Wrong: 106 Million Visitors to Thailand Impacted by Data Breach

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The State of Data Security: The Cost of Digitization and Cloud Adoption

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OWASP Announces Top 10 Web Application Security Threats for 2021

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8 Data Compliance Considerations You Can't Afford to Overlook

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Data Security: How to Protect Your Data From Data Breaches

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Dasera: Culture That Matters

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ChaosDB: A CISO’s Worst Nightmare Come To Life

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Data Leak Exposes 38 Million Records From Misconfigured Access Control Setting of Microsoft Power Apps

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Chase Bank Joins the Growing List of Institutions Affected by Data Leaks

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Video Interview: How Dasera is Disrupting Data Security with Its Comprehensive Approach

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Key to Bolstering Business Success in Cybersecurity

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Illinois Health Department Data Breach Exposes COVID-19 Vaccination Records

By: Tu Phan August 11, 2021

Announcing Dasera’s Sequoia 3.0 Release

By: Deepti Hemwani August 4, 2021

Dasera Named Finalist for Baby Black Unicorn Awards at Black Hat 2021

By: Tu Phan August 3, 2021

Insurance Tech Startup Exposes Thousands of Insurance Applications

By: Tu Phan July 29, 2021

Taking the Leap  — Joining Dasera as Head of Product

By: Deepti Hemwani July 26, 2021

Survey Reveals 39% of IT Leaders Are Not Confident Their Data is Secure

By: Tu Phan July 22, 2021

Dasera Wins CRN’s 2021 Emerging Vendors Award [Security Category]

By: Tu Phan July 19, 2021

Mint Mobile Hit by a Data Breach: Numbers Ported, Data Accessed

By: Tu Phan July 15, 2021

The Journey Begins — Joining Dasera as VP of Marketing

By: Erin Swanson July 9, 2021

Dasera Strengthens Executive Ranks with Three Top Women Leaders

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Mercedes-Benz USA Exposes Personal Data of 1.6 Million Customers

By: Tu Phan July 2, 2021

Sensitive Data Leak of Billionaire IRS Tax Returns Spurns Outcry

By: Thi Thumasathit June 25, 2021

Dasera Named Among Top 10 Hottest Cloud Security Startup by CRN

By: Tu Phan June 16, 2021

Dasera Named Startup of the Year For Security Software for 2021 IT World Awards

By: Tu Phan June 16, 2021

Data Security Lapse Exposes 3.3 million Customer Records from Volkswagen

By: Thi Thumasathit June 11, 2021

Dasera Wins 2021 Global InfoSec Award from Cyber Defense Magazine

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Why We're Excited About our New Financing Round

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Get to Know Our New VP of Sales

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Implications of the Microsoft Exchange Server Cyber Attack

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The Journey of Bringing Data Lifecycle Security to Market

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Securing the Data Lifecycle Key to Data Security and Compliance

By: Ani Chaudhuri April 14, 2021

Dasera Named SC Awards Finalist for Best Database Security Solution

By: Tu Phan March 31, 2021

The Equifax Data Breach: A Deep Dive Infographic

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[Press Release] Dasera Releases Data Lifecycle Trust and Privacy Report on Data Privacy Day

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Dasera Infographic: Protecting Student Data

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[Press Release] Dasera’s Latest Release Secures the Entire Data Lifecycle for Cloud Data Stores

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All That's Included in Dasera's Latest Yellowstone Release: Data Classification, Tagging, Policy Editor, Coaching and More

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Inside Scoop of a Hospital Data Breach

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10 Inspiring Women Leaders in Cybersecurity to Follow Today

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Five Cloud Data Threat Scenarios Only Query Analysis Can Protect You From

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Zero Trust or Insights-Based Trust: How can CISOs Enable Internal Data & Analytics Adoption

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Book Launch: The Red Book of Insider Threats

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The Limitations of Training and Trust: What We can Learn About Insider Threats from the Coronavirus Pandemic

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[Webinar Summary] SINET Live with UK CEOs - Building Strength On Strength

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20 Must-Read Insider Threat Blogs for 2020

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Cybersecurity Mashup (Spring 2020): Insider Threats, Data Breaches, and of course COVID

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A Brief History of the Data Warehouse

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'Inside Scoop' Infographic: Three Unique Insider Breaches Explained

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Queries: the Ground Truth for Cloud Data Security

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Why you (and everyone you know) have a blind spot for insider threats

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Working Completely Remotely? 7 Things We Did That You Can Adopt Easily

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How I'm Staying Positive in a Global Pandemic

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Why we started Dasera?

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Dasera Presents on Insider Threats at RSA Conference 2020 LaunchPad

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