The Data Security Era

Automate your data security & governance controls

Dasera's data security platform keeps your data safe and compliant while providing broader access, enabling better and faster decision-making.  Request a demo today!

Key Benefits

Continuous Data security

Continuous Data Governance

Dasera reduces risk by continually enforcing data governance policies.

Data Security & Compliance

More Efficient Data Security & Compliance

Dasera saves time by reducing manual audits and manual cross-functional collaboration.

Broader Data Access

Broader Access to More Data

Dasera allows you to give broader access to more data, which enables better, faster decisions. And improved business value.

Reduce Risk by Governing Your Data 24/7

  • Automatically monitor infrastructure context, including new cloud data stores, misconfigurations, and new data fields
  • Generate data context via automated data classification and tagging
  • Monitor user context via automated employee directory integration, permission analysis, and proprietary SQL analysis
  • Encode all Security and Compliance policies with Dasera’s no-code policy editor

Save Time and Collaborate Better

  • Keep a real-time inventory of data stores and data fields and avoid manual audits
  • Alert Data Owners to new fields, and enable them to supervise classification and tagging
  • Enable the Security team to enforce security policies without data context
  • Enable the Privacy and Compliance team to ensure privacy and compliance without data context
  • Create custom workflows to notify appropriate team members of security alerts, potential privacy violations, and compliance issues

Collaboration between Data Security Teams via no-code policy editor and configurable workflows

Grant More Access, Generate Less Risk

  • Agentless: no invasive software on employee machines
  • Passive deployment doesn’t affect data store scalability, reliability, and throughput
  • No drag on employee productivity due to false positives
  • Lightweight deployment and automatic monitoring of security and compliance policies allow Data Governance teams to grant more access while reducing risk.
Grant more access, generate less risk

Automatic Data Governance at scale with agentless, low-impact, passive deployment

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Compatibility Across Any Data and Security Infrastructure

Cloud Data Stores

Works on Major Public Clouds

Including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure

Deployment Models

Multiple Deployment Models

Can be deployed as SaaS or as a virtual machine within your VPC

Supports Many Data Stores

Support for Many Data Stores

Including Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, MySQL, Athena, and more

Compatible with any Data Use Interface

Agnostic to Data Use Interface

Works with all BI tools, SQL command lines, and SQL edits

Compatible with Application Logging

Compatible with Application Logging

Can consume application query logs if database query logs aren’t available

Integrates with SSO

Integrates with SSO

Including Google Workspace and any SAML IdP

Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications

Including Slack, Pager Duty, SNS, Google Pub/Sub, and email

SIEM SOAR Integration

SIEM/SOAR Integration

All Dasera alerts can be sent to SIEM/ SOAR for analysis and action

Dasera is SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

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