Why were there 4,000 data leaks last year?

Because data governance is a broken promise. Until now.

Read how a new solution - built from the ground up - shatters old ideas and helps continuously govern data at scale.


From Blank Canvas to Art

How Securing the Data Lifecycle Can Transform Your Data Protection Program

The Dirty Dozen

The truth about privacy preserving techniques and technologies.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Access Control
The 7 Deadly Sins of Access Control

Why access controls are woefully insufficient in today’s cloud-first environments.

Privacy Engineering
Privacy Engineering

Protecting Data with Privacy in Mind.

The Top 5 Fails of DLP
The Top 5 Fails of DLP

DLP solutions don't actually prevent data loss. Find out why.



Secure Your Entire Cloud Data Lifecycle

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Dasera Overview Brochure

Dasera's Data Security Fabric Protects the Entire Data Lifecycle

Soln Brochure - Snowflake

How to protect your data in Snowflake


SANS Webcast and Slides

Watch this SANS webinar to learn how you can reduce your MTTD from 200+ days to 2 hours.

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Data Security Use Cases

Watch this webcast to prevent your data from going rogue.

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Top Ten Threats of Data Sprawl
The Top 10 Threats of Data Sprawl

Cloud data sprawls. But your risk doesn't have to.

Top 10 Secrets To Staying HIPAA Compliant
The Top 10 Secrets To Staying HIPAA Compliant

Everything you always wanted to know about HIPAA, but were afraid to ask.


RSA Conference 2022: Innovation Sandbox

David McCaw, Co-Founder & VP Sales, Dasera, pitches at the RSAC 2022 Innovation Sandbox Contest.

Overview: Who is Dasera?

Learn how Dasera's unique approach to security allows for broader access to more data (20 min).

CISO Interview on Data Security Trends

Hear CISO perspectives on data security trends and needs (20 min).

Data Stores and Security are Two Silos in the Cloud

Discover the challenges to securing data in today’s cloud-first world (1 hour).

Why Traditional Approaches are Insufficient

Learn why legacy solutions like access control and DLP fail to secure data (1 min).

Data Security from Creation to Deletion

Discover how Dasera provides visibility and enables collaboration between data, security and compliance teams (1 min).

Dasera’s Unique Value Proposition

Learn how Dasera’s innovative approach breaks the status quo. (2 min).

Why Security is Broken

See why data security is broken and how a new approach is needed (30 sec).

Reinventing Data Security

Discover how Dasera secures the entire cloud data lifecycle (12 min).

State of Data Security

See the latest trends on data growth and mean time to detect a data breach (3 min).

Data Lifecycle Explained

Learn how data becomes vulnerable throughout its lifecycle between access control and DLP (3 min).

Securing the Data Lifecycle

Learn how Dasera solves each challenge of the data lifecycle (3 min).