What’s special about Wind Cave?

Wind Cave is known for its alluring caves.

Our Wind Cave release accelerates data store onboarding, enriches risk insights, and enhances automated tagging and classification coverage.

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Wind Cave: The Next Evolution in Data Security

Dasera’s newest release is the next step in data security, empowering security, data, and privacy teams to operationalize data protection.

Dasera breaks down cross-functional silos, creates operating efficiencies, and improves data protection.

Dramatically Reduce Risk & Onboard Data Stores at Scale

The Wind Cave release is the next evolution in Dasera’s data security platform enabling data and security teams to onboard data stores at scale and more easily discover sources of risk in their infrastructure, data stores, and user behavior. 

Dramatically Reduce Risk and Onboard Data Stores at Scale

Use Dasera collectors to boost your performance in multiple clouds and maintain the flow of metadata required by the Dasera application without opening your networks to undesired traffic.

Control Permissions with Role-Based Access Controls

Level-up your data governance programs by using RBAC to delegate classification responsibilities to your data owners and business policy management to your security & compliance teams.

Understand Risk Insights Via Our New Summary Dashboard

Use a new unified dashboard to identify the multiple risks that Dasera detects — including data store misconfiguration, data access, and data-in-use risks — and understand which remediation paths offer the highest return.

Onboarding Google Public Cloud Accounts at Scale

Rapidly onboard multiple GCP projects at once, leading to faster & more-comprehensive discovery and scanning of your data stores.

Detect Misconfiguration Risk when Data Stores are Discovered

As you connect infrastructure to Dasera, gain immediate visibility to potential risks & problematic security configurations like disabled backups, missing encryption, or inadvertent enabling of public access.

Assign Use & Purpose to All Levels of Data

In addition to tagging your classification fields, now you can also apply tags up the chain, to tables, schemas, and databases. Combine this with ingesting tags from your Snowflake Data Stores to drive your business outcomes.

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Dasera is changing the game when it comes to securing and regulating enterprise cloud infrastructure. The Wind Cave release is the next iteration in improving data governance for organizations, enabling safer data-driven enterprises.

Deepti Hemwani

Wind Cave [6.0 release]

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