What's special about Crater Lake?

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US.

Our Crater Lake release features deep analysis of context, enhancing data governance operationalization.

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Scaling Your Cloud Data Protection Takes Teamwork

Protecting your data at cloud scale and cloud velocity requires agile collaboration among your Security, Data, and Compliance teams.

Dasera breaks down cross-functional silos, creates operating efficiencies, and improves data protection.

Continuously Map Your Cloud Data Fleet and Assess Risk

With Dasera, you can automatically discover cloud data stores, detect misconfigurations, classify data, analyze access, and monitor data in use.

Identify risk at the earliest stage possible with continuous monitoring.


Accelerate the Climb to Data Empowerment

Dasera streamlines data empowerment initiatives. Data and Security teams are encouraged to become data enablers, granting broader data access while promoting safer data usage through stronger data governance and protection capabilities. 

API-Powered Integrations

Build integrations which leverage Dasera’s intelligence to further enrich your data applications & ecosystem

Object-Level Privilege Analysis

Empower your data governance teams with deep visibility into user access to sensitive data — all driven by your unique data access business policies

User Identity Mapping

Discover activity by ghost users and decommissioned employees, while enforcing the Principle of Least Privilege for your active users

Onboarding AWS Accounts at Scale

Rapidly onboard multiple AWS accounts at once, leading to faster & more-comprehensive discovery and scanning of your Data Stores

Audit User Activity

Gain comprehensive visibility to all system & user actions, build awareness between data owners, and deliver on your data governance requirements

Scaling Your Protection: What Crater Lake Does for You

Here's a full list of new features and benefits in our Crater Lake release:

  • Automated ingestion of GCP Policy Taxonomies, which provides context for enforcing intelligent data policies and ensuring GCP fields are properly-tagged
  • Continued expansion of our Data Store coverage, including:
    • Databricks
    • DynamoDB
    • SAP HANA
  • Quickly take advantage of new features through in-product self-service upgrades
For further details, read more about it on our blog.

Crater Lake. [5.0 release]

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