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Wind Cave is known for its alluring caves.

Our Wind Cave release accelerates data store onboarding, enriches risk insights, and enhances automated tagging and classification coverage.

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Wind Cave: The Next Evolution in Data Security and Governance

Dasera’s newest release is the next step in data security, empowering security, data, and privacy teams to operationalize data protection.

Dasera breaks down cross-functional silos, creates operating efficiencies, and improves data protection.

Wind Cave 6.1

Automated Snowflake Masking

Snowflake’s masking feature to de-identify sensitive data fields. Dasera can now orchestrate this masking feature automatically to ensure appropriate data fields are masked according to business policies and government regulation.

Azure Active Directory

You can now configure Dasera to automatically sync with your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Doing so allows you to control which specific employees are imported, map their Azure AD attributes (both default & custom) to Dasera fields, and leverage these values to trigger policies.

Object-Level Data Ownership

Dasera's Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) has been expanded to assign data owners at the data store, database, schema and/or table level enabling clear accountability and improved data governance.

Collector Deployment Improvements

Improvements have been made to the collector system to make new collector creation quick and easy and ensure your data owners and security personnel remain operational no matter the size or quantity of your data stores.

Expanded PCI Classifications

Dasera's classification engine has been enhanced to serve financial services companies with a list of new PCI built-in sensitive data type classifiers including Bank Routing Number, Swift Code, and Tax Identification Number.

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Dasera is changing the game when it comes to securing and regulating enterprise cloud infrastructure. The Wind Cave release is the next iteration in improving data governance for organizations, enabling safer data-driven enterprises.

Deepti Hemwani

Wind Cave [6.1 release]

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