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Dasera's new Glacier 8.0 release leads the way for data security in SaaS Environments with Microsoft 365 Integration and enables rapidly deployed risk assessments in AWS RDS.

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The Cool New Standard in Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Safeguard your structured or unstructured data automatically and continuously with Dasera's premier DSPM platform. Your data protection team just got cooler!

Glacier: Freezing Data Risks and Thawing Insights in SaaS with M365 Integration

 The Glacier release sets a new benchmark in Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), with Microsoft 365 integration and AWS RDS rapid risk assessments offering enhanced SaaS data security and governance. Its expanded tag ingestion and Snapshot technology streamline data protection, ensuring comprehensive, efficient management in evolving digital environments. 


Glacier 8.3

Deep Privilege Analysis for Oracle Data Stores

Dasera now supports Deep Privilege Analysis for Oracle data stores, expanding visibility into who has access to what data. Object-level privilege analysis shows the type of sensitive data accessible to which user, providing critical insights into who can access PII, credit card info, passwords, or other sensitive data types. Advanced data context via Deep Privilege Analysis enables a deeper understanding of your organization's overall security posture.

Classification Engine Unification

Dasera's classification engine now functions uniformly across structured and unstructured data stores. Built-in sensitive data types are used to classify data across all data stores using a reliable combination of indicators, such as keywords, field or file names, dictionaries, proximity, query logs, regex, and/or checksums. The Custom Sensitive Data Type UI has also been simplified to reflect unified match conditions for structured and unstructured data.

Glacier 8.2

Low-Touch Onboarding for GCP Cloud SQL Data Stores

Dasera now supports snapshot-based data classification for all GCP Cloud SQL data stores, eliminating the need to create Dasera-specific credentials for each data store. This extends our existing capabilities for snapshot-based data classification for AWS data stores. You can now connect almost all supported data stores in a low-touch way, simplifying the onboarding process with zero performance impact. This streamlined process enables comprehensive risk analysis without disrupting operational efficiency.

Support for Azure Blob Storage and Azure Files

Dasera now supports discovery and classification for Azure Blob Storage and Azure Files. Azure Blob Storage typically stores large volumes of unstructured data, such as media files, backups, and logs, while Azure Files allows for file sharing across servers and platforms with a more traditional directory structure. Expanded coverage for unstructured data provides enhanced visibility into all sensitive data across environments.

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This expansion offers an all-encompassing view of sensitive information within critical Microsoft applications, ensuring complete protection and governance. It signifies our commitment to innovation and leadership in the data security space.

Ani Chaudhuri

Glacier [8.0 release]

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