Dasera Announces Integrations with Cisco, Cohesity, & Intuitive Cloud To Extend Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Offering


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – May 2, 2024 – Dasera, a leader in data security posture management (DSPM), today announced strategic integrations with Cisco, Cohesity, and Intuitive Cloud, which offers the company's go-to-market expansion into these vendors’ customer base

In conjunction with these partnerships, Dasera introduced a flexible month-to-month pricing model and enhanced security and governance features. Dasera also introduced a major platform upgrade and a new flexible month-to-month pricing model to make it more affordable and comprehensive. The platform now features a Data Security and Governance dashboard that answers four key questions about data security: Where is my data, what data do I have, who has access to it, and what risks are introduced when it is used?

“Data security is paramount in the wake of data breaches. Dasera's platform and affordable pricing model, along with partnerships with major cybersecurity and data protection companies, provide accessible innovation for everyone", said Ani Chaudhuri, Dasera’s CEO & Cofounder. “The vision is to ‘Build A Safer, Data-driven World’ by automating data security and governance controls for all data, everywhere.”

Major Partnerships Provide Easy Access to DSPM for 300,000+ Companies

Vladi Sandler, Head of Partnerships for Outshift by Cisco said, “Cisco’s Panoptica CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform) integrates with Dasera to provide data protection for critical assets, to prioritize the vulnerabilities that matter, and to fortify resilience against cyber threats, delivering innovation and value to Cisco's customers.

Cohesity’s Joseph Razavian, senior director of Business Development and Alliances, said, “As organizations generate more data, they are storing it in a growing number of places across on-prem private cloud and multiple public cloud environments. This complexity requires new approaches to protecting their data. As a Cohesity Data Security Alliance member, our partnership with Dasera can help enterprises enhance cyber resilience and provide meaningful insights into their data so our joint customers can promptly make smart decisions to protect their sensitive data.”

Intuitive Cloud’s CEO Jay Modh said, “Dasera adds a critical offering of DSPM to our cybersecurity practice. 40% of our customers are planning to invest in data security. The differentiated platform and its innovative pricing set Dasera apart from the market.”

Platform Upgrade With New 4-way Data-context Dashboard

Dasera now offers a Data Security & Governance Score on its comprehensive dashboard, giving customers a clear view of their data's security posture. This feature highlights potential security risks, allowing businesses to address them proactively. The dashboard also reveals the extent of sensitive data exposure and identifies infrastructure, data, users, and applications risks while monitoring data usage through query analysis. This enables administrators to detect and resolve issues swiftly, ensuring robust protection for the organization's data.

The dashboard stemmed from the inaugural Data Security Creative Council (DSCC) workshop, a committee of data and security leaders that tackle complex security and governance challenges and brainstorm streamlined, practical solutions. The Data Security and Governance Dashboard was built with the DSCC to succinctly communicate Key Result Areas (KRAs) to security leaders' teams, executives, and the board.

Innovative, Affordable Pricing

Dasera has recently launched a new payment model, 'Pay as You Grow,' which offers flexible and contract-free data security solutions every month at an affordable $500/ per data store. This model allows organizations to start with one or two data stores and easily scale up as per their evolving data governance strategies and requirements. The best part is that they will only be charged for the security they need.

“We aim to enable every organization to enhance their data security and create a safer, more secure data environment,” continued Chaudhuri. “This initiative is a big leap towards creating a world where data protection is a given, not a luxury constrained by budget and resources.”

To learn more about Dasera, stop by booth #2266 at RSA or check out www.dasera.com

About Dasera

Dasera is a platform that provides data security posture management (DSPM) services that automate the governance and security controls for your company's structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. It ensures the safety of your data throughout its entire lifecycle in multi-cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments. Dasera also provides continuous data usage and storage visibility and quickly detects risks. It aligns data security strategies with your business objectives.

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