Pay as You Grow: A Modern Way to Buy and Use Data Security

At Dasera, we understand the challenges evolving businesses have in managing their data securely and efficiently. Traditional CapEx models and annual contracts imposed by many vendors often become a heavy burden for companies, locking them into rigid and costly commitments. We are excited to introduce our 'Pay as You Grow' pricing model that offers flexibility, scalability, and transparency to support your business as your data management evolves, showing our commitment to your success.

The High Cost of Traditional Data Security

"We don't know what we don't know." This phrase rings especially true when it comes to managing data. A startling 75% of our customers uncovered untracked (shadow) data stores post-integration—critical data they were responsible for but previously unaware of. How many more companies remain in the dark about their data and the risks it poses simply because the expense of annual contracts is too prohibitive? And this is just the beginning of the data security journey! With our monthly pricing model, "cost and contract" will no longer be barriers to finding and monitoring all your data stores immediately without the financial burden of a yearly commitment.

Typically, companies face substantial upfront costs with traditional security solutions—investment in infrastructure, software licenses, and long-term contracts that do not scale efficiently with their actual needs. This approach not only strains budgets but also limits operational flexibility. As businesses evolve, their data security requirements can change dramatically, making the traditional CapEx model both restrictive and inefficient.

Introducing Dasera's "Pay as You Grow" Model

Dasera, a leader in Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), introduces a compelling alternative with its "Pay as You Grow" model. This approach aligns directly with the needs of fast-growing, cloud-first companies by offering a scalable and flexible pricing structure that adjusts monthly based on actual usage.

Transparent Monthly Billing

With Dasera, there are no surprises and no annual contracts (unless you want them). Our billing cycle is clear and predictable, with no hidden fees. Each month, you're only billed for the data stores actively connected to our platform, which means you pay as you grow, strictly based on your actual usage.

Dynamic Usage Adjustment

We offer the flexibility to adjust your subscription monthly. This means that as your security requirements change, so does your Dasera service. This is particularly advantageous for companies in phases of rapid expansion or fluctuating needs.

Cost-Effective Scaling

Start small and scale as needed. Our pricing begins at $500 per month for a single data store, with the cost per data store decreasing as you add more. This tiered pricing ensures that as your business grows, your costs remain manageable and proportional to your usage.

Comprehensive Data Store Support

Whether AWS Redshift, S3 buckets, or GCP Cloud SQL, Dasera supports many data stores. This comprehensive support enables businesses to integrate seamlessly and scale efficiently without needing multiple security solutions.

Dedicated Support

Our customer support team, led by our experienced Customer Support Manager, ensures you receive the assistance needed to maximize Dasera's benefits. From onboarding to billing adjustments, we are here to help every step of the way.

Pay as You Grow: Your Data Risk Management Journey Begins!

Empowering Businesses to Scale Securely

Dasera's “Pay as You Grow” model is particularly beneficial for rapidly evolving companies that need a data security solution that can keep pace with their data evolution without the financial burden of traditional security models. It provides:

  • Alignment with Monthly Operational Expenditure (OpEx): Matches financial planning and cash flow requirements.
  • No Long-Term Commitments: Offers the freedom to adjust subscriptions as needs change.
  • Low Barrier to Entry: Enables companies of any size or budget to start securing their data environments immediately.
  • Closely Tied to Usage and Value: Ensures costs align with the value received, eliminating wasteful spending.

Dasera's "Pay as You Grow" model is more than just a pricing strategy; it's a strategic approach that allows companies to remain agile and responsive to their evolving data security needs. By moving away from traditional CapEx models to a more adaptable OpEx model, Dasera offers a cost-effective solution and empowers businesses to maintain robust, scalable, and efficient data security that grows with them. This innovative model redefines how companies approach their data security investments, making it an essential consideration for data and security teams aiming for optimal data governance and protection.

Ready to transform your data security strategy with financial agility? Discover the freedom of Dasera's Pay as You Grow model and confidently take control of your data lifecycle. Your tailored security solution awaits—step into a future where you only pay for the protection you need.



David Mundy