Dasera Named Among Top 10 Hottest Cloud Security Startup by CRN

Tu Phan

Tu Phan

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Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed some of the world’s cloudiest days. 2020 in particular was a turbulent year, with an unprecedented pandemic at our doorstep and 36 billion records exposed worldwide. Things only seem to be getting worse, and companies are starting to realize that existing security solutions just aren’t enough.

Everyday, there seems to be a new data breach in the headlines. A new threat we’re unaware of. A new compliance violation and lawsuit. A new pursuit to find the next best thing in data security. 

Some of the sharpest minds have come together to combat these threats and transform how companies protect sensitive data. Every year, CRN recognizes 10 cloud security start-ups for their ground-breaking initiatives to provide centralized insights, anomaly detection and compliance across multi-cloud environments. We’re proud to be featured in CRN’s Top 10 Hottest Cloud Security Startups of 2021. As you can see, we are in great company and would like to congratulate the other winners including Aqua Security, Cado Security, Orca Security, and Lacework.  

Our mission to help companies across the globe secure data, from cradle to grave, has only begun, and we’re honored to be part of a group of companies committed to tackling modern security challenges. 

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Dasera helps cloud-first organizations secure data that traditional tools like access control and DLP aren’t designed to address. The platform manages data sprawl, monitors data in-use, and discovers misconfiguration and permission errors. Only Dasera secures the entire cloud data lifecycle - from creation to archival. Named among the 10 Hottest Cloud Security Startups Of 2021 by CRN, Dasera was co-founded by serial-entrepreneurs Ani Chaudhuri and Noah Johnson and is backed by Sierra Ventures, One Way Ventures, Saama Capital, Sand Hill Angels, and others.

To learn more, visit www.dasera.com or contact us at info@dasera.com

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