Dasera Presents on Insider Threats at RSA Conference 2020 LaunchPad

Hello world,

We’re so excited to launch our blog with this exciting news: we were chosen as a TOP THREE Launch Pad startup at RSA Conference 2020! Read the announcement from RSA here. 

How was RSAC 2020?

Apart from using lots of Purell and doling out elbow handshakes and air hugs, the entire Dasera team was on the ground, meeting prospects, partners, investors, and other vendors. We learned a lot about the security industry by attending many interesting talks on and off the show floor. 

But the highlight of the whole show was our co founder and CTO Dr. Noah Johnson’s Launchpad presentation. Watch it now, if you already haven’t.


Highlights of Noah’s talk:

  • Business’ need to analyze customer data and their moral responsibility to protect consumers from data loss/hacks - these things are fundamentally in conflict today. 
  • He has met over 50 CISOs and CIOs and nearly every one said that today they have no visibility into how their sensitive data is used. Most rely on training and trust of employees, and acknowledge this isn’t really a solution.
  • Humans are human and mistakes WILL happen. It’s estimated there will be almost 5000 insider breaches in 2020 alone. That’s more than 10 internal breaches per day.
  • The key to the Dasera solution is rather than just focusing on the data, like traditional approaches, to look upstream to the queries that are running on the data.
  • SQL queries are the standard way that people interact with data. They can do both good and bad with these queries. We recognized that computers can be trained to distinguish between queries that are safe vs dangerous. Then we can prevent insider breaches before they happen.

What’s next?

Dasera’s mission is to help companies build trust with consumers by ensuring safe internal use of sensitive data. We do so by finding, flagging, and rewriting unsafe queries executed by employees or contractors on your data warehouse or data lake. 

We’re going to be busy onboarding new customers on our Radar (formerly Discovery) product - you can launch it in 15 minutes and start identifying:

  1. Where sensitive data resides in your cloud data warehouses
  2. Which of the SQL queries executed on your data warehouses were risky in nature

If these are challenges you want to address sooner than later, talk to us.





Thi Thumasathit