Dasera Named Startup of the Year For Security Software for 2021 IT World Awards

When we launched Dasera in 2019, our mission was to help organizations across the globe to secure their data, from cradle to grave. Today, we’ve seen incredible traction as companies are realizing that traditional DLP, encryption, and access controls aren’t enough to prevent breaches and privacy violations.

And it’s a happy day that we are being recognized for our efforts by the World IT Awards. We’re pleased to announce that Dasera has been named Startup of the Year for Security Software, a Silver winner in the 16th Annual 2021 IT World Awards. With over 65 judges, the IT World Awards recognizes information technology and cybersecurity vendors with robust, cutting-edge solutions and services that are helping to shape and better prepare for tomorrow’s threat landscape. 


This marks the 4th award that Dasera has won in 2021, and further validates why we created Dasera: to truly secure sensitive data.  Millions of dollars are poured into data security solutions, yet data breaches and data compliance violations still happen.  Everyday.  Companies need a comprehensive solution for all the security and data compliance vulnerabilities the data lifecycle introduces, especially in a cloud-first environment where these risks are amplified ten-fold.   

We’re on the way to making it happen. 

Follow us on our journey, and check out all the other awards Dasera has won!

  1. 2021 Global InfoSec Awards: Most Innovative in Data Leakage Protection
  2. 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards: Gold Winner Structured Data Security, Silver Winner Startup of the Year in Security Software
  3. 2021 SC Awards Finalist: Best Database Security Solution
  4. 2020 RSA Launch Pad Finalist: Top 3 Startups 
  5. 2020 IT World Awards: Silver Winner Startup of the Year in Security Software
  6. 2020 ICT Spring Europe 

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