Why We're Excited About our New Financing Round

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $6 million in seed financing, with Sierra Ventures leading the round, taking total capital raised to $9 million.

It takes a village to build a successful company. Here’s why different Dasera stakeholders are excited about Dasera and our new round of funding.

Dasera Partners

Jason Braun, Vice President of Sales, Defy Security

"We're excited to be a Dasera channel partner. Securing the data lifecycle is a big pain, and given the portfolio of security solutions we offer, we know Dasera is a highly differentiated solution. We also know that Dasera is committed to the success of its channel partnerships."

Steve Stumpfl, Executive Vice President, Tevora

"It's the perfect time for Dasera to secure the data lifecycle. Every day, our customers are storing more and more data. Every day, our customers are worried about new data stores appearing in their environment, data store misconfigurations, over-permissioning, sensitive data sprawl, and new privacy regulations. 

Dasera Investors

Mark Fernandes, Managing Director, Sierra Ventures

“We believe that Dasera has an opportunity to shape the data security space in the coming years. 37 billion records were breached in 2020, and 2 out of 3 data breach attempts succeed. The legacy access control and data loss prevention (DLP) tools are inadequate for cloud architectures and Dasera is well-positioned to capitalize on this critical market need.”

Suresh Shanmugham, Managing Partner, Saama Capital

“When it comes to Dasera, I think: ready market, great technology, and an experienced team. Data in useis the “last mile" in security. Dasera’s technology answers data-in-use problems at scale. And the team has been able to execute and make some great hires. I’m excited to see Dasera accelerate and grow.” 

Andy Chou, Angel Investor and Founder, Coverity

“Dasera is answering a fundamental question: "How is my data being used?" Companies need to be able to answer this question clearly or they risk data breaches, regulatory oversight, and losing their customers' trust.”


Dasera Advisors

Ankur Shah, Product Leader, Cloud Security

“With the proliferation of Cloud & Big Data, there's a real need to gain visibility intoand provide security guardrail for sensitive data. Dasera has built a unique solution that is purpose-built for cloud data stores that provides complete visibility into data lineage. So, the next time someone or something executes a SELECT * from customer_info, you know what to do and who to go after.”


Robert Rodriguez, Chairman & Founder SINET

"Successful companies start with exceptional people, culture and leadership and Ani exhibits this on a daily basis with his approach to leading with: "When One Rises, We All Rise."


Dasera Employees

Ani Chaudhuri, CEO & Co-Founder, Dasera

“Today’s cloud data is constantly moving and being transformed. Hundreds of thousands of analysts, engineers and APIs have access to data, and they use it in unforeseen ways. This creates a lot of risk. Dasera’s solution is effective because it’s able to shadow the pace of today’s data. By monitoring data in use, we’re able to more accurately identify security and data compliance risks, even while the data surface area is constantly changing.” 

Noah Johnson, CTO & Co-Founder, Dasera

“Breaches still happen every day. The entire industry approach to keeping data secure and compliant needs to evolve -- from a model of just access control to monitoring and understanding at scale how data is actually used. It's a substantial market opportunity.  With this new round of financing, we can accelerate on all fronts.”

David McCaw, VP Sales, Dasera

A lot of CISOs have literally told me, ‘Data is what keeps me up at night.”  There’s an enormous gap in current solutions, and we fill that gap perfectly. Every company out there has a data lifecycle that needs to be more secure and compliant.”


Thi Thumasathit, VP Customer Success, Dasera

You can’t protect what you can’t see. Dasera gives CISOs and data compliance teams the visibility they need: where their data stores are, how they’re configured, who has access, if they contain sensitive data, and how that sensitive data is actually being used. This round of funding gives Dasera the fuel to accelerate and capture the market.”

Deepti Hemwani, Head of Product, Dasera

“There’s so many areas of the data lifecycle that create security and data compliance vulnerabilities that companies haven’t been able to deal with them at scale.  There’s a ton of room for impact, and this additional funding will help us accelerate the roadmap and value delivery to customers.”

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In summary, there are 4 reasons why we’re excited about our new round of financing:

A Big market:  We’re seeing incredible demand for our solution in the marketplace. For most companies, the data lifecycle is a maze of security and data compliance vulnerabilities. There’s no solution that comprehensively secures the data lifecycle, and companies have told us that our solution fills a much needed gap in their security and data compliance stacks and is highly differentiated. 

The Right Market timing: Given this validation, we’ve decided to accelerate our go-to-market efforts with sales and marketing hires. Every company in the world has sensitive data; almost every company in the world has a data lifecycle that needs to be more secure and compliant. Now’s the time to be aggressive, accelerate investment, and build a category.

 Customer pull:  Our vision to secure the data lifecycle is a large vision.  We're listening to our early customers' feedback, and we know there's work to be done and even more value to deliver. So we're accelerating investment in product development:  we're looking to double (or more) the size of our engineering team. A larger engineering team means solving more problems and delivering more value to our customers, sooner.

Vision alignment: We decided to partner with Sierra Ventures, Saama Capital, One Way Ventures and others because they share our belief that Dasera has the ability to shape the data security and data compliance market in the coming years. Traditional security solutions have been focused solely on ingress (firewalls and access control) and egress (DLP). However, in today’s cloud-native environments, so many security and data compliance risks originate from the day-to-day creation of new data stores, data moving between data stores, and the usage of data among those with access -- i.e., the data lifecycle. A new category of solutions is needed, and Dasera is at the forefront of this category.


Tu Phan