Decentralize Your Cloud Data Security

No one said data security was easy.  

Here’s a common Situation:  

Your Security Team is responsible for data security.

Here’s the Complication:

The cloud has accelerated the amount of data your enterprise is collecting and it's also accelerating how quickly your data infrastructure changes. Your Security Team doesn't have sufficient context around which data is sensitive, relative sensitivity, who should have access, and what constitutes potential data misuse.

Here’s the Result:  

Your Security Team can't keep up with the demands or effectively scale cloud data security

Here’s the Resolution:

You need to decentralize. You need to enlist the help of the people who have the most context around the data—the Data Owners. 

You need a data security platform that helps the Security Team and Data Team seamlessly collaborate. You need a platform that:

  • Is deployed, administered and maintained by the Security Team,
  • Centralizes data infrastructure security and key data security policies,
  • Decentralizes data classification, metadata management and data governance to Data Owners

You need Dasera.  Here’s an easy way to remember us:

Decentralize your cloud data security.

Accelerate your time to detection.

Scale your data security.

Eliminate silos.

Reduce risk.




Thi Thumasathit