[SANS Webinar] What’s the Riskiest Place on Earth? Your cloud data stores.

SANS Webinar Sep

On September 1, Dasera sponsored our first live webinar with SANS, featuring Dave Shackleford, SANS Instructor, and Noah Johnson, our Co-Founder and CTO . The topic of discussion was: What’s the riskiest place on Earth? Your cloud data stores.

The webinar was a huge success, and with engagement and positive feedback across the board, we can’t thank the audience, moderator, and speakers enough for collectively contributing to this successful event. 

Noah especially, having created Dasera from his doctoral research at UC Berkeley, is an expert in this field, and we’re seeing his hard work come into fruition. We’re excited to witness the huge impact Dasera will have on the cybersecurity industry in the years to come – and we’re already starting to see Dasera take the market by storm. 

The nature of cloud data and the plethora of challenges it creates for security teams across the world has made it increasingly difficult for cloud-first organizations to enable broader access to data while minimizing risk– and this is something that has been consistently heard throughout the SANS community, but never tackled before – until Dasera.

With data breaches occurring every day and the rapid proliferation of cloud data, the classic approach of building a moat – a perimeter around data – is ineffective in securing data in today’s cloud-first world. That’s why a new approach is needed to overcome these modern challenges. 

Watch the webcast to learn how Dasera secures data throughout its lifecycle from creation to deletion. Sign up to view the recording and get the slides. As a bonus, cloud security statistics (provided by SANS) are included in the appendix. And to go directly to the product demo, skip to 32:47


Tu Phan