Book Launch: The Red Book of Insider Threats

Cybersecurity is serious work.

Security professionals keep corporate assets and employees safe. They also protect companies from the legal and financial ramifications of breaches. This means big responsibilities, few accolades, and mostly incidents that you remember.

As a result, leading a team that is constantly at war with known and unknown dangers is a tall task. So when we started the “Red Book” initiative in Jan 2020, we were not sure if we could get many CISOs, CIOs, and tech leaders to co-author a book with us.

After all, we had a big ask - they had to tell us how they thought insider threats would evolve in the new decade and how they were preparing to deal with it.

We were definitely wrong in being circumspect. Security and tech leaders have given us their time and efforts selflessly. All of them see cybersecurity as a globally shared responsibility and want to actively contribute ideas and best practices.

Their labor of love is now ready for free online reading as well as in hardcover (if that’s how you swing): The Red Book of Insider Threats - Summer 2020.

Why did we start the Red Book initiative?

As we’ve written earlier, insider threats is an often underestimated and overlooked area in the cybersecurity space. However recent reports suggest that 7 out of 10 breaches are caused by insiders.

So when we started Dasera, it was also our mission to ensure that CISO, CIOs, CEOs, and board members make insider threats a part of their security dialogue and strategy. The idea was to “open source” the content and ensure that executives learned from their own community of peers.

Who’s in the Summer 2020 edition?

We’re very proud to have brought together some great names - several of them CISOs, CIOs, security product leaders, as well as partners to security teams.



Here’s a full list of the co-authors featured in the first edition:

  • Mark Weatherford - Chief Strategy Officer and Board Member at National Cybersecurity Center (LinkedIn)
  • Ankur Shah - VP of Products, Cloud Security at Palo Alto Networks (LinkedIn)
  • Julie Tsai - Head of InfoSec at Roblox (LinkedIn)
  • Anand Ramanathan - VP of Products and Marketing, Enterprise at McAfee (LinkedIn)
  • Jitendra Joshi - Head of Information Security at BetterUp (LinkedIn)
  • Sujeet Bambawale - CISO at 7-Eleven (LinkedIn)
  • Amol Kulkarni - CPO at Crowdstrike (LinkedIn)
  • Christopher Donewald - Privacy Counsel at Affirm (LinkedIn)
  • Andy Kim - CISO at AllState (LinkedIn)
  • Sameer Khera - CIO at Norton LifeLock (LinkedIn)
  • Marc Ariano - Head of Cybersecurity at Vroom (LinkedIn)
  • John Hluboky - VP of Information Security at AllScripts (LinkedIn)
  • Siddharth Bohra - Chief Business Officer - Tech, Media, Consumer and Life Sciences at Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LinkedIn)
  • Shaq Khan - CEO of Fortifire (LinkedIn)

Winter is coming

And that can only mean one thing - the Winter 2020 edition of the Red Book! If you’re a security or technology leader with a point of view on insider threats, we need your inputs. Click here to co-author the next edition with us.



Thi Thumasathit