Dasera Wins Data Security Innovation of the Year in 2021 Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards

Cybersecurity breakthrough award

In 2021, we’ve witnessed tremendous changes to the cybersecurity industry – an explosion of IoT, rapid adoption of the cloud, and a global pandemic that has forced many of us to work from home  – all of which has dissolved the security perimeter and left a giant hole in our most trusted security systems worldwide. 

But with every new advancement in technology, companies are forced to quickly adapt and adjust themselves to a “new normal”  – defending themselves against the latest threats by doubling down on their investments or looking into new, cutting-edge technologies on the market. 

This is a crowded space, and there’s a growing need for a security solution that can break through all the clutter.

In its fifth annual year, the Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards recognizes the world’s best information security companies, products, and people. With over 4,000 nominations from all around the world, Dasera was selected as Data Security Innovation of the Year in the 2021 Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards – and we’re in great company. 

Winners from the other categories include Cisco, McAfee, Fortinet, RSA, Microsoft, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Mastercard, Proofpoint, VMware, AT&T Cybersecurity, and LogMeIn. 

In 2019, Dasera first came to market. Two years later, we’ve reached a major milestone. 

What started as a tool that could analyze queries has evolved into a comprehensive platform to help companies take back control of their data in this new, cloud-first environment. We’re here to help companies make tangible improvements to their security posture by protecting the entire data lifecycle. Visit www.dasera.com to learn more about our journey. 


Tu Phan