[Cloud Security Podcast] Data Stores and Security are Two Silos in the Cloud

On October 2, Dasera joined hands with Cloud Security Podcast to discuss how “Data Stores and Security are Two Silos in the Cloud,” featuring host of Cloud Security Podcast, Ashish Rajan, and Co-Founder and VP of Sales at Dasera, David McCaw

Hosted live on LinkedIn, the podcast discussed the challenges that cloud-first organizations face to secure data in a new digital world, and how to address them with modern solutions. 

With real-time participation and validation from security professionals across the LinkedIn community, the podcast was a major success.  It brought data security to the forefront of the conversation for security and privacy teams. 

Some highlights from the podcast:

The cloud has pushed mankind towards digital transformation – fueled by data, governed by people – but has also left a giant hole in the security perimeter. 

In 2020, it’s estimated that 175 zetabytes of data will be collected and stored across cloud environments. To put that into perspective, “that’s equivalent to all data that’s been collected and stored in the aggregate history of mankind,” says David. “Take our entire past and benchmark that against just what we’re collecting in terms of data this year – it’s even. And that number is growing 30% YOY.” 

Given how easy it is to deploy infrastructure in the cloud, companies are using data to extract as much value as they can to move faster and make better business decisions. But a decentralized cloud environment that houses more data than companies are able to manage creates unprecedented challenges for security, compliance and privacy teams around the clock. 

Cloud velocity moves faster than governance can possibly keep pace, and companies are starting to realize that access control and DLP simply aren’t enough. 

To watch the full, hour-long podcast, click here.

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 08:54 What is data security in the cloud?
  • 19:38: Importance of data classification
  • 23:37 Data security – cloud vs on-prem
  • 27:45 Why access control isn’t enough
  • 29:46 What security controls should we have?
  • 35:06 Is DLP harder to manage in the cloud?
  • 37:40 Is relying on cloud native controls enough to secure data?
  • 42:09 Structured vs unstructured data in the cloud
  • 47:09 Data hygiene controls
  • 55: 37 Fun 

Tu Phan