'Inside Scoop' Infographic: Three Unique Insider Breaches Explained

Parth Mukherjee

Parth Mukherjee

Here's a thought:

How you USE data = How SECURE the data is.

We know it's a rather simplistic reduction of the complex world of data and cyber security. But most data breaches that happen today are because of careless insiders or a cyber-attacker with an insider's credentials. The world of data in motion and data at rest are fairly well secured.

The real gap in our security - how employees, contractors, partners use data. The first edition of Dasera's "Inside Scoop" infographic series focuses on three very peculiar insider breach stories.

And each of them has a lesson for security teams.

Dasera-insider-breach-stories-inside-scoop-data security infographic 1.png



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