All That's Included in Dasera's Latest Yellowstone Release: Data Classification, Tagging, Policy Editor, Coaching and More

Thanks for checking out Dasera’s new release. To give it some character, we’re calling it Yellowstone.

Why Yellowstone

WeekendTrips__JacksonYellowstone_shutterstock_602444258-copyYellowstone National Park is the first US National Park and is known for its many geothermal features, including Old Faithful Geyser. Our first mega release is virtually erupting with new features, and we take inspiration from hotspots in this park to bring you enhanced visibility, governance and data protection capabilities. 

What’s in it for You

Cloud data stores (i.e., structured data in data warehouses and data lakes) increase organizational agility, but they also create new challenges for security teams that existing solutions - like access control, DLP and encryption - aren’t designed to deal with. For example:

  • Where is all your sensitive data stored? How frequently does it move/get copied? How is it tracked as it moves? 
  • How do you monitor use of sensitive data without impeding legitimate data access and use?
  • How do you govern the use of sensitive data, beyond binary access control? 
  • What is the regulatory, legal and business impact of using sensitive data?
  • Can you enable broader access to data without increasing risk?

Our latest release helps you answer all of these questions automatically, without adding hours of effort for your team.

The new Dasera Dashboard

Yellowstone Highlights

  • We now secure the data lifecycle in Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Amazon S3.
  • Dasera Radar automatically scans your cloud data stores, finds, classifies, and tags sensitive data.
  • Our new dashboard (image above) and policy violation alerts via Slack and PagerDuty help you get to the bottom of any potential risk event within minutes.
  • You can protect your data in the context of your organization by importing employee metadata via our employee directory integration.
  • Our Zero-Code Policy Editor enables anyone from a technical, business or data compliance role to create and edit policies without writing any code.

The 'zero-code' Policy Editor in Dasera

What You Can Now Accomplish with Dasera Radar

  • Know where sensitive data is stored at all times: Dasera Radar always knows where sensitive data is stored and can automatically tag fields as regulated by PII, CCPA, GDPR, etc., so you can create policies using these tags. 

Dasera automatically finds and tags sensitive data in your cloud

  • Get up and running in minutes, not weeks or months:  Dasera is designed to minimize time to value. You can install Dasera Radar within minutes, and it will automatically find sensitive data, classify it, and tag it. In addition, Dasera Radar ships with out-of-the-box policies (which you can edit or deactivate), so you don’t have to invest lots of time upfront to gain visibility into your organization’s sensitive data use.
  • Get to the source of an exfiltration attempt or privacy violation in minutes: Say a credential thief tries to dump PII fields to a local table, then a notification will  immediately be sent to the designated Slack or PagerDuty channel. You’ll be able to investigate and remediate risky data use within minutes.
  • Delegate the creation of data security policies: Our Zero-Code Policy Editor allows security teams to delegate the creation of fine-grained policies to other business users, like legal and data compliance teams. As a result, you can easily customize your data security policies to fit your business’s needs (through crowdsourcing rather than adding work for security teams).
  • Train and coach employees on safer data use: Using Dasera Radar, you can generate department or employee-specific reports that highlight opportunities for safer data use. With this targeted feedback, your employees can learn and improve their data use.

Personalized coaching reports for data users in Dasera

Beyond Yellowstone

At Dasera, our work is never finished. We’re already looking ahead to our next big release in 2021. Expect to see multiple remediation options as part of the Dasera Interceptor product. Until then, we look forward to your feedback on the Yellowstone release of Dasera.


Thi Thumasathit