Dasera Interceptor

Automatically Protect Data from Risky Use

Dasera Interceptor provides runtime safety against careless or malicious use of data

Why Security Teams Need Dasera Total Protection

Stop Credential Thieves from Causing Damage

Dasera can prevent credential thieves from exfiltrating sensitive data through early anomaly detection and optional query blocking

Protect Consumer Privacy

Dasera automatically alerts employees, managers, and SecOps in privacy violation scenarios and (optionally) rewrites queries to return statistical output

Reduce the Burden on Security with Automation

Dasera makes data more accessible and eliminate risk through automation without adding more monitoring work for your team

Data Protection to Match Your Risk Posture

  • Interceptor offers multiple, customizable remediation options to match business needs
  • Tailor remediation workflows and responses for individuals, teams, locations, and data sets
  • Low-touch options like warnings or capturing business justification, as well as inline protection through query rewriting or blocking

Non-Intrusive Remediation

  • Automatically notify employees, their managers, and security teams to surface risky behaviors for coaching and training
  • Enable employees to flag suspicious queries they did not execute themselves to escalate potential credential theft to SecOps
  • Create a detailed audit trail for any post-incident response and audit
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Intelligent Query Suggestions and RewritingOPTIONAL

  • Suggest rewritten queries that generate statistical or masked output instead of raw PII fields
  • Prevents exfiltration attempts or gross violations through query blocking
  • Includes escalation workflows to disconnect users and suspend database accounts in cases of suspected attacks
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Rich Capabilities That Reduce Security Overheads


Email Workflows

Automatically trigger email alerts to erring employee, manager, HR, SecOps, etc. via employee directory integration


AI-Based Query Rewriting

Automatically changes risky queries to deliver statistical or masked output to prevent privacy exposure


Compliance Risk Measurement

Leverages market research data to estimate financial exposure of certain risky behaviors


Automatic Exfiltration Blocking

Select high-risk situations in which Dasera should automatically block queries, e.g. large-scale exfiltration attempts