Dasera Releases Mesa Verde, its All-Terrain, AI-Powered Data Security & Governance Platform to Connect Anything, Anywhere

Comprehensive AI-Driven Data Security Solution Offers Seamless Integration and Robust Protection Across All Digital Landscapes


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--Dasera, the premier automated data security and governance platform for data-driven enterprises, expands data security and governance coverage, empowering organizations to safeguard structured and unstructured data with precision and efficiency. Now with a comprehensive and seamless approach to securing unstructured data sources, Dasera is redefining the standards of data security. Unlike traditional models, its solution effectively bridges the gap across all data types and sources, ensuring consistent protection regardless of whether the data is on-premise or in the cloud. This expansive approach makes Dasera one of the few in the industry delivering such a broad scope of data security.

“Our commitment to driving innovation and enhancing our data security platform sets a new standard for safeguarding sensitive information across diverse data environments,” says Ani Chaudhuri, CEO and Co-founder of Dasera. “These powerful enhancements demonstrate Dasera's dedication to delivering the most comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent data protection solutions to our customers.”

New product features include:

  • Improved Risk Remediation for Applications Accessing Data
    Dasera's already extensive risk detection capabilities receive a boost with the ability to track risks associated with certain service account users. The platform now offers improved workflow enhancements, accurately disambiguating user actions and attributing risks to specific individuals, including those leveraging service accounts.
  • Expanded Data Classification Support for Unstructured Data
    Dasera expands its data classification capabilities, now providing unparalleled support for unstructured data sources, including the widely used Amazon S3. Businesses can now seamlessly discover and classify sensitive data from unstructured sources, broadening Dasera's coverage and empowering customers to proactively protect their data.
  • Data Classification for Images Leveraging AI
    The latest update introduces the ability to classify sensitive data within images, including text and handwriting. Leveraging the power of AI, Dasera users can now identify unstructured data hidden in images, ensuring that no critical information goes undetected. This extension of coverage marks a significant advancement in data security for businesses handling image files.
  • ‘Continuous Compliance Check’ Reporting
    Dasera automates data security reporting with the introduction of scheduled PDF reports delivered directly to executives' and stakeholders' inboxes. This feature provides real-time visibility into data security risks, enabling key decision-makers to shift from ad-hoc audit surveys to always-on automated ‘continuous compliance check’.
  • Streamlined Infrastructure Onboarding
    Dasera now offers improved infrastructure onboarding capabilities through enhanced CloudFormation and Terraform templates. This streamlines the onboarding process for various data stores on popular cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. Customers can efficiently connect to their data infrastructure, saving valuable time and resources. (Dasera had launched Ski Lift for Snowflake customers during the Snowflake Summit in June.)
  • Azure Tenant-Based Onboarding for Discovery at Scale
    With the latest release, Dasera introduces Azure Tenant Based Onboarding, enabling customers to onboard their Azure Subscriptions at scale. This optimization accelerates the onboarding and discovery process for Azure users providing full visibility in a matter of minutes.

“In today's complex digital landscapes, safeguarding your data should not be a compromise but a guarantee,” said Chaudhuri. “With Mesa Verde, we are not just introducing a solution; we are shaping a new paradigm for data security. Our platform now promises to make the concept of 'absolute data security,' once thought to be an impossibility, a tangible reality. By linking all data types and sources, structured or unstructured, on-premise or in the cloud, we assure our customers that every bit of their data is our priority. We invite you to embrace the data security era with us.”

To learn more about these updates and how Dasera helps organizations protect their environment across the data lifecycle, visit booth SC202 at Black Hat or read Dasera’s whitepaper on how to Harness the Power of Data Security.

About Dasera

Dasera is a comprehensive data security platform that automates data security and governance controls, safeguarding your company's structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data throughout its entire lifecycle, in multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Dasera offers continuous data usage and storage visibility, promptly detecting risks and aligning data security strategies with business objectives.

For more information, visit dasera.com or contact us at info@dasera.com.


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