Automatically Find, Flag, and Fix Data Security Risks

Dasera is a data security posture management (DSPM) platform that automates data security and governance controls for structured & unstructured data in your cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments to protect your data throughout its entire journey.

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Before Dasera we would take up to 2 weeks to answer certain data-related and data security-related questions, with Dasera it takes us 5 minutes.

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Where is my sensitive data?

Dasera gives visibility across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments to quickly discover data stores, schemas, tables, and data fields with reporting and dashboarding capabilities.

What type of sensitive data?

Dasera continuously classifies sensitive data, then programmatically assigns sensitivity levels, business purpose tags and maps them to known regulations.

Who are my data owners?

Dasera empowers data owners to be effective stewards for their data, resulting in increased ownership and accountability within the organization's data management practices.

Data Security + Automation

What is my security risk posture?

Dasera constantly evaluates data and user behavior to detect overprivileged users, data exfiltration, presence of newly-identified sensitive data, and privacy violations.

Is my sensitive data stored securely?

Dasera sheds light on data store and configuration issues, calculating an actionable risk score for each to help security teams prioritize their investigation and remediation efforts.

How do I automate remediation and controls?

Dasera enables automated remediation and controls to effectively manage security risks resulting in improved security, increased efficiency, and reduced human error.

Data Users + Access Governance

Who are the most risky users?

Dasera profiles users to pinpoint problematic data users enabling security and data teams to identify areas to bolster data access controls and mitigate insider threats.

Who should have access to data stores?

Dasera detects access permissions granted to data users and identifies which users have been granted excessive privileges, allowing security teams to adjust permissions based on the principle of least privilege.

Is my data usage in compliance?

Dasera’s user behavior insights will highlight if any of the data users are intentionally or accidentally violating data usage guidelines and immediately notify security teams.

Enter the Data Security Era


Flexible deployments including agentless


Open platform standard with broad integrations


Automate and orchestrate manual workflows


Performs at scale for cloud, hybrid, or on-prem


Optimizes investigation and remediation workflows


Empowers cross-functional teams and deconstructs silos

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