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Dasera's new Mesa Verde 7.0 release enables All-Terrain coverage for unstructured and structured data stores to improve visibility and decrease risk. 

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Mesa Verde: The Next Evolution in Data Security and Governance

Safeguard your data whether structured or unstructured automatically and continuously with Dasera's premier data security and governance platform

Dasera makes automated and continuous data security and governance across structured and unstructured a reality with the newest release

All-Terrain Classification and Streamlined Onboarding

The Mesa Verde release is the next evolution in Dasera’s data security platform enabling all-terrain data classification and discovery across unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data types. In addition, data store onboarding has been streamlined so you can have a full view of your organization's data stores.

Mesa Verde 7.3

Unstructured Data Classification for Google Cloud Storage

Dasera has expanded support for unstructured data classification to include Google Cloud Storage (GCS) data stores. All text and image file types supported for AWS S3 scanning are also supported for GCS data store scans. These unstructured data stores employ an IAM-based authentication method. Sampling rate is based on your specified percentage input; include regex to limit your scan scope.

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Our commitment to driving innovation and enhancing our data security platform sets a new standard for safeguarding sensitive information across diverse data environments. These powerful enhancements demonstrate Dasera's dedication to delivering the most comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent data protection solutions to our customers.

Ani Chaudhuri

Mesa Verde [7.0 release]

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