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Connect your infrastructure and add your first data store quickly and easily

Kickstart your data security with our Starter plan for a one-time fee of $500. Connect to your infrastructure for an insightful overview of your data landscape, including detecting active and shadow data stores. This initial step reveals hidden risks and defines your data management needs. Following this, we thoroughly analyze a connected data store, classifying data to pinpoint sensitive information, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues. You'll receive a concise report with findings and recommended actions to bolster your security, all with the flexibility to adapt as your needs evolve, free from long-term commitments

Automatically Find, Flag, and Fix Data Security Risks

Dasera is a data security posture management (DSPM) platform that automates data security and governance controls for structured and unstructured data in your cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments for complete protection across your data lifecycle. 


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From 2 weeks to 5 minutes

Before Dasera we would take up to 2 weeks to answer certain data-related and data security-related questions, with Dasera it takes us 5 minutes.

Bill Dougherty
Omada Health