The Challenge

As data security evolves, choosing the right solution amidst a sea of vendor offerings can be daunting.

The Solution

Your Buyer's Framework:

  • Provides clear criteria for an objective product assessment.
  • Simplifies the decision-making process.
  • Ensures alignment with your organizational objectives.

Why Choose Dasera

Dasera helps you protect and govern sensitive data and user access for a secure environment.

  • Find: sensitive data no matter where it lives - structured or unstructured, cloud or on-prem
  • Flag: critical issues that pose security or governance risks
  • Fix: risks automatically, continuously, and proactively
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See What our Customers are Saying

From 2 weeks to 5 minutes

Before Dasera we would take up to 2 weeks to answer certain data-related and data security-related questions, with Dasera it takes us 5 minutes.

Bill Dougherty
Omada Health