The Wind Cave Release
Dramatically reduce risk and onboard in 15 minutes or less

Dasera is changing the game when it comes to securing and regulating enterprise cloud infrastructure. The Wind Cave release is the next iteration in improving data governance for organizations, enabling safer data-driven enterprises.

The trend of migrating to the cloud has incredible benefits for businesses to be more efficient and effective; however, with those benefits come increased risks. Companies without Dasera experience significant challenges gaining visibility of data sprawl, automating critical data processes, and analyzing data usage for risk. Dasera is focused on solving these critical challenges so businesses can operate efficiently and effectively.

We at Dasera are excited to announce the Wind Cave release which is focused on accelerating data store onboarding, enriching risk insights, and automating classification and tagging of additional fields.

What’s in it for You?

Deploy Fast and Onboard at Scale

A platform’s ability to onboard data stores quickly is critical to business success. Dasera focuses on making the onboarding and deployment process simple, easy, and quick. With the Wind Cave release, the onboarding process is even more streamlined especially when it comes to scalability.

Dasera Data Processing within Private Clouds

For those customers who have egress restrictions on their internal networks, Dasera now provides a new collection architecture that enables real-time discovery and classification on your data stores while satisfying your networking security requirements.

This architecture consists of collectors deployed within your virtual private networks. These collectors sit alongside your data stores and not in the path of your queries, so performance is not impacted. In addition, the actual data pushed outside of your network is reduced to just the critical metadata needed by the Dasera application. This combination allows you to manage insights and take action for all data stores, regardless of your networking environments and cloud infrastructure providers.

Onboarding GCP Accounts at Scale

Dasera now supports GCP org-based onboarding to automate the process of onboarding single projects and allow you to onboard at scale. Instead, the org-based onboarding auto-applies the configurations necessary to ensure smooth onboarding of existing data stores and those that will be discovered as your data grows.

CloudFormation and Terraform Templates

Many companies have adopted infrastructure-as-code (IaC) to speed deployments and reduce human error through standardization. In support of both goals, CloudFormation and Terraform Templates are now available for deploying Dasera in cloud environments and configuring Dasera Service Account Users. These allow you to quickly and consistently setup both your Dasera instance.

Detect More Risk Faster

Detecting risk is critical to governing data correctly. Security risks can lead to data breaches while privacy risks can lead to potential regulatory fines. Dasera enables faster detection of risk stemming from infrastructure, data, and users. The Wind Cave release enhances data store security with data store configuration analysis and improves visibility with the Risk Summary Dashboard.

Early Configuration Analysis

The IDC intelligence firm discovered that 80% of data breaches can be traced back to data store misconfigurations. This insight highlights the importance of configuration visibility for an organization’s security team. With early configuration analysis, Dasera can detect data store misconfigurations even before connecting data stores, thus informing security professionals of configuration issues at time of discovery.

Risk Summary Dashboard

Dasera enables analysts and executives alike to glean actionable risk insights from the new risk summary dashboard at a glance. The dashboard includes risks from data store misconfigurations, excess privileged users, inappropriate data query analysis among other risks. The result of this dashboard is more efficient insights and actions that are backed by data.

Apply Business Purpose

The Dasera platform was built for business impact to enable security, data, and privacy teams to meet business objectives. The power behind Dasera and one of the aspects that makes it unique from other solutions is its ability to automate classification and tagging of data using context. This leads to improved operationalization of your data governance and data security. Dasera has now augmented its ability to classify and tag greater categories of data.

Ingest Snowflake Tags

Improvements have been made to Dasera to support Snowflake users. The Dasera platform can now ingest Snowflake tags to help consolidate insights between systems. Dasera can apply intelligence to these Snowflake tags to drive business outcomes through implemented policies and improve the application of business purposes for Snowflake users. For example, these tags can be used to track migration of sensitive data or help determine compliance posture.

Object-level Tagging

Object-level tagging enables tags to be associated not just with data fields but at any level of data set hierarchy - data stores, schemas, or tables. These tags enable data owners or stewards to track sensitive data across various security, compliance and usage related use cases. Since tags are inherited, application of tags at the higher level object trickles down to all child objects thus automating the tedious process of tagging per field.

Built-in PCI Classifiers

Extending the already robust set of classifiers, Dasera can now classify even more data subject to Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations. This classification will improve coverage of sensitive data fields. Associated tags will also be automatically added to newly classified fields.

Why Wind Cave

The Dasera 6.0 Release is named after Wind Cave National Park with the crown jewel of the park being its large caves. Navigating these caves in the past meant using handheld lights and climbing gear, but in modern times lights have been distributed throughout the caves and walkways have been built to make the caves accessible to everyone.

So how does Wind Cave relate to the Dasera release? Just as the caves in Wind Cave National Park have been retrofitted to be accessible to everyone, Dasera’s new release is focused on enhancing Dasera’s ease of onboarding and quick time to value by introducing new features which get you to deep risk insights in 15 minutes or less.

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Dasera is built to help companies overcome the security and data challenges that the modern cloud presents. If you are ready for the next phase of your data governance journey our team is here to support you. Please reach out to us with any questions on how to get started!

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