Dasera Wins Products that Count Award

Dasera, a leading data security and governance controls company, has been awarded the Product Innovation Award by Products that Count in the 2023 Product Awards. Products that Count is known for being the world's most influential community of Product people and recognizes the best products for Product Managers in fast-growing industries and the Chief Product Officers leading those industries.

The Product Innovation Awards category was among the five categories in the 2023 Product Awards, and Dasera was among the five winners. The other winners were AngleHealth, Segmed, Rookout, and SignalWire. These rising tech stars were recognized for building incredible products for employee health insurance, medical data buying, data lifecycle security, real-time data observability, and improving the telecommunications space with voice, messaging, and video APIs powered by elastic cloud infrastructure.

Dasera focuses on operationalizing data security, reducing risk, improving collaboration between data teams, data owners and users, and security. The company aims to help organizations safely and securely leverage data to drive innovation and growth. Dasera provides a comprehensive data lifecycle security solution that offers visibility, data classification, access control, and continuous monitoring of data in motion, at rest, and in use.

Dasera's platform enables organizations to detect and prevent data breaches, manage regulatory compliance, and protect sensitive data in a highly collaborative and automated way. The company's solution integrates with existing workflows and infrastructure, making it easy to deploy and manage, and it scales effortlessly to meet the needs of any organization.

Jennifer Vancini, General Partner at Mighty Capital, stated, "These Awards recognize that the best companies are built around great products. The winners this year similarly target P&L, perhaps now more than ever. And they also fit larger trends we have observed, namely, verticalization and specialization." Dasera's win is a testament to its focus on building a great product with its customers, that helps organizations safely and securely leverage data to drive innovation and growth.


David Mundy