Navigating the New Era of Data Security with Dasera: Pioneering Data-in-Use Monitoring and Query Analysis

Often likened to the lifeblood of modern organizations, data courses through every corner of today's businesses. It fuels innovation, propels growth, and, when leveraged intelligently, offers a competitive edge. However, unsecured and ungoverned data could be a company's Achilles heel, leaving it vulnerable to breaches, misconfigurations, data leakage, and mishandling.

At Dasera, we understand this paradox and have built a solution that precisely navigates the complexities of data security and governance. As the first Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) solution to provide Data-in-Use monitoring and query analysis, we're carving a path into a new era of data security.

Dasera's Pioneering Stance on Data-in-Use Monitoring

Safeguarding sensitive information has risen to the top of every organization's priority list. However, data security has not been sufficiently defined for the industry to understand the critical features needed for that security. Many solutions focus only on protecting static data, which, while important, falls short of providing sufficient data protection. 

In many ways data security can be likened to teaching a teenager how to drive a car. It is important to make sure the car they will drive has brakes, lights, tread on the tires, etc. These features are table stakes and any car that has been maintained will include these features. However, what parents really want to know is how that teenager will use the car. Similarly, there are many needed features to protect static data such as classification, tagging, configuration analysis, etc. But when it comes down to it, the most critical feature is understanding how that data will be used. This is where Dasera's pioneering stance on Data-in-Use Monitoring emerges as a game-changer.

Data-in-Use Monitoring is a powerful capability that sets Dasera apart from the crowd. While traditional data security focuses on perimeter defenses or securing data at rest, we realized the necessity of going beyond and monitoring data. At the same time, it is being actively used or processed. This focus equips businesses with granular visibility into data usage patterns, enabling a 360-degree understanding of data transactions and transformations.

The strength of Dasera's Data-in-Use Monitoring lies in its vigilant monitoring and the actionable insights it generates. Our system alerts the relevant teams when it detects suspicious activity that may indicate data exfiltration attempts or privacy violations, enabling swift action to mitigate potential damage. This proactive stance minimizes the window of vulnerability, dramatically reducing the risk of data breaches

Data-in-Use Monitoring also supports regulatory compliance. With stringent data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, organizations must monitor and control how personal data is used. Our capability provides comprehensive visibility into data usage, assisting businesses in demonstrating compliance and protecting consumers’ privacy enabling organizations to avoid hefty fines.

At the heart of Dasera's Data-in-Use Monitoring is the conviction that data security should not hinder business operations but enhance them. By delivering actionable insights about data usage, we empower organizations to unlock the full potential of their data securely and confidently. In doing so, we help transform data from a potential liability into an invaluable asset.

Dasera's pioneering approach to Data-in-Use Monitoring reinforces our commitment to empowering businesses with robust, intelligent, and proactive data security solutions. Our vision is to help organizations protect their data and enable them to use it responsibly and strategically to fuel their growth. Our Data-in-Use Monitoring capability is a testament to this vision, and we are proud to be leading the way in this essential aspect of data security.

A Deep Dive into Query Analysis

Query analysis lies at the heart of Dasera's Data-in-Use monitoring. By examining the queries run on your data stores, we unlock critical insights into the patterns of data usage within your organization. This valuable analysis allows you to truly understand the pulse of your data's heartbeat, providing an in-depth perspective of the "who," "what," "when," and "how" of your data use.

Unlike other data security platforms, the critical differentiator for Dasera is not just about analyzing queries. Our distinct advantage is our ability to access detailed metadata of the queried data, including assessing its sensitivity, rows produced, associated regulations, etc. Dasera's query analysis is also not confined to data stores that support native query logs. Our unique approach allows for native and custom logs, enabling us to picture your data usage patterns comprehensively. This enhanced depth and breadth of data usage visibility allows Dasera to provide a nuanced understanding beyond basic insights, assisting your organization in truly understanding its data's DNA.

User Behavior Risk

At the heart of Dasera's Data-in-Use Monitoring is a sharp focus on individual user behavior. It not only generates a Behavior Risk score to gauge user adherence to data usage guidelines but also offers a nuanced view of individual data usage habits. Impressively, Dasera can pinpoint risky queries to the right user, even when they utilize business intelligence tools like Periscope. As users continually interact with data, unique behavioral patterns emerge. These invaluable insights equip security professionals to swiftly recognize and remedy potentially worrisome actions.

It's essential to note that sometimes, the actions of power users might unintentionally breach data usage policies, giving the appearance of malicious intent. In truth, they might just be fulfilling their roles. When such scenarios arise, Dasera's flexible system allows for quick adjustments to data usage policies, ensuring both precision and equity in its monitoring processes.

The Dasera Difference

While other DSPMs have limited capabilities to secure data, Dasera breaks the mold by focusing on data in use. The key to unlocking the true potential of your data security lies in understanding its usage. Our query analysis capability, part of our comprehensive offerings, sets us apart from other data security solutions.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the technology that protects your data and empowers your business. As the first DSPM solution to pioneer Data-in-Use monitoring and query analysis, we're setting a new data security and governance standard.

By partnering with Dasera, you're not just opting for a data security solution—you're choosing a data ally that provides unparalleled visibility and control over your data, ultimately enabling your business to leverage its most valuable asset confidently and responsibly.

Dive deeper into your data's DNA with Dasera's innovative query analysis. Experience the difference between genuinely understanding your data use, empowering your business to stay ahead of threats, and driving data-informed growth. Are you ready to pioneer in the new era of data security? Let's navigate this path successfully together. Request a demo with Dasera today.


David Mundy