Enhancing DSPM: Beyond Traditional Limitations

While DSPM has revolutionized data security, it's essential to recognize areas needing enhancement, especially when real-time data monitoring.

The Limitation of Traditional DSPM

A primary challenge is DSPM's focus on data at rest, which can leave gaps in monitoring real-time data usage. Addressing this limitation is paramount to ensuring no blind spots exist.

Incorporating Real-time Monitoring with Dasera

In the dynamic landscape of data security, more is needed to know where your data is and who has access to it. Modern threats and the ever-evolving cyber landscape demand a more comprehensive approach. This is where Dasera stands out by offering data-in-use monitoring capabilities.

  • Beyond Static Analysis: Traditional DSPMs (Data Security Posture Management systems) mainly focus on identifying and categorizing data, often relying on periodic scans. While this approach provides valuable insights, it can overlook sudden data breaches or misuse between these scans. Dasera, with its real-time monitoring, captures these activities as they happen, offering a dynamic layer of protection that keeps pace with the instantaneous nature of modern data operations.
  • Immediate Detection and Response: Continuous observation of data activities means that any unusual behavior or potential threat is flagged instantly. Whether it's unauthorized access, uncommon data transfers, or potential insider threats, Dasera ensures that organizations are immediately aware of the issue. Rapid detection minimizes the window of vulnerability, allowing for swift response measures and potentially preventing data breaches.
  • Understanding Data-in-use: Not all data threats come from breaches or external attacks. Sometimes, risks arise from how data is being used within the organization. Dasera's capability to monitor data-in-use means it can provide insights into workflows and processes that might inadvertently put data at risk. Organizations can introduce more informed data-handling policies and training by understanding these patterns.
  • Adaptive Security Posture: The cyber landscape is in constant flux, with new threats emerging regularly. By offering near real-time monitoring, Dasera allows organizations to adapt their security posture in response to these evolving threats. It's not just about detecting risks; it's about understanding and adapting to them in real time.

While traditional DSPMs lay the groundwork for robust data security, platforms like Dasera elevate this foundation by ensuring that organizations are reactive and proactive in their data protection strategies. 

A holistic approach to data security means understanding the limitations of tools and enhancing them. Check out our white paper to explore how DSPM and real-time monitoring can fortify your data security. 


David Mundy